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"When the best people to watch your back are your competition"

Fraud Register is a member-based, not-for-profit, industry association, for AFS licensees, which operates a database of clients who have defaulted with members generally through non-payment or non-delivery of securities.

The database is a useful tool to enhance a member’s awareness of a client’s defaulting history with other members. All members have the capability to add new defaulting clients and new information on defaulting clients as required.

Members can easily review the database in real time when opening a new client account or check all clients using the “batch search” facility at any time. Clients will often transact with more than one AFS licensee.

A number of members may submit the same name or address to the database. Some names have been nominated more than 10 times by different members. Sometimes this happens over a very short timeframe which may indicate the possibility of a scam or possible criminal activity.


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About Us

Fraud Register was founded on the notion that all brokers and dealers face the same issues with identifying with certainty their new clients. A proven method of outing clients with a history of defrauding brokers is by the broking industry sharing the names of less-than-ideal clients. Historically the “Stockbrokers Mutual Reference Society” (SMRFS), now known as Financial services Protection Limited (FSPL) provided a bad debtor data base. In response to the increasing issue of identity theft Fraud Register was born.

The Service

Many participants in the Australian trading community use colloquial or “Aussie / Anglo” names, and what may be normal in daily life can be an issue for the client onboarding department of brokers. Multiple identities using the same identification documents often ranks as the biggest issue for stockbrokers and CFD providers.

Brokers and market-makers providing mutual support for each other is a tool to provide more certainty of client identification and lessen an avenue for client default.


Fraud Register operates with the mentality of a member’s mutual organization whereby brokers search the database for a “new client name”. If the client name has appeared at another broker, was shown to have “issues”, and the name was added to the data base a “match” will indicate more details are needed to clarify client status.

Cloud based servers maintain the data allowing the data base to be added to account opening software and apps. Alternatively brokers can manually search for a particular name.

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    Over the passed five years both the range of financial services and products available to retail clients and the method through which they are delivered has proliferated. Retail clients, once principally provided services by stockbrokers and fund managers, can now chose between them and new entrants including boutique brokers, advisors with trading access to client accounts, wrap accounts, contract for difference trading, forex trading and other derivatives trading and black box systems for the do it yourself trader.